PluginInstaller and CRDT

PluginInstaller simplifies the process of finding, installing, trying, and buying enhancements for desktop versions of Adobe Creative Cloud apps. It’s designed for both end-users and software developers.

For End-Users

  1. Download and install PluginInstaller from the link below.
  2. Safely and securely install scripts and extensions from third parties directly into your Adobe applications.

For Developers

PluginInstaller is part of the Creative Developer Tools (CRDT) system, serving as a unified installer and packager for your solutions.

  • Package, protect, monetize, and track the usage of your ExtendScript or CEP panel.
  • Combines the features of ZXPSignCmd, JSXBIN, and ExtensionManager.
  • Support for UXP panels and C++ plugins coming soon.

CRDT and PluginInstaller are free for small developers. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.